Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Funniest Part of Today

I've made Miles a Christmas stocking, and it's nearly finished, and I'll have to post some pictures soon. The last thing it needs is his name. I've been done for months, but didn't want to put his name on it before he was born, so I didn't give the name away, and you know, just in case he turned out to be a girl or something. I decided I'd take the stocking to someone with an embroidery machine, just so that the name ends up being as pretty as the rest of the stocking. Really nice and fancy.

I call such a place today, and have the following conversation:

Embroidery place guy: "Hello, (insert name of company here)"
Jenn : "Hi. I'd like to get my son's name embroidered on a Christmas stocking. Is that something you could do?"
EPG: "Sure. But you don't need that by Christmas do you? It's kind of late to have it done by Christmas."
Jenn: "Well, yeah, I was thinking it would be nice to have the stocking for Christmas."
EPG: "Yeah, I'm totally kidding. That's no problem."
Jenn: "Great." The conversation goes on for a bit, without being interesting or funny. "So how long do you think that will take?"
EPG: "We don't have our machine here, it goes to our other facility. Usually it takes a day or two.....Wait. How long is your kid's name?"
Jenn: "It's Miles. So five letters."
EPG: "Yeah, just a day or two."

That was the funniest part of today.