Friday, June 20, 2008

Awesome. Not in the good way.

When I first got my car, the CeltMobile II, back in February of 2004, I couldn't put $20.00 of gas in the tank. I would let it get down way below empty, I wouldn't try to find the cheapest gas in the neighborhood, it was a thrill...never being able to get to $20.00 while filling up my tank.

Two days ago I filled up my tank. Now, I'll grant you, I was "fill up now or walk home" empty, and I was at work, so I had to buy the fancy, expensive gas that's in the neighborhood by the library....but still. It cost me $48.83 to fill up my tank.


As the kids sign up for summer reading here at the library, they put their name on a yellow paper butterfly, which we then hang on the walls. We're currently surrounded by a plague of yellow butterflies. It's quite festive. I was just hanging some butterflies, a lovely Friday afternoon task, and I found myself stapling one that said........Eowyn. Nice. Eowyn's in our summer reading program this year. I'm soooo bummed I didn't get to sign that kid up.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Walk in the Woods

In other news I'm wildly behind on posting, I took a walk recently (okay, recently is a bit generous) with these two folks:

We hiked in the lovely Portola State Park, which is a lovely little drive from my house. We did a good bout of hiking, I think we did six miles that day, through poison oak-ed woodlands and tick infested grasslands. :) This did not hamper our enjoyment in the least !!

Lovely California hillsides:

This picture is a better reflection of my poor timing as a photographer than of N, (though, I think in my archives I have more photos like this one. I'd say it's Ns "speaking French" face, but I don't think that's what was happening here)

After hiking we ate at Alice's Restaurant, which I've always wanted to do. Quite a diverse crowd in there on a Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's true, friends, NIL and I went on vacation. It's more than two weeks ago now, since we were in the magical world of Disney. I couldn't face blogging for awhile when we got home. I've been in serious denial about the end of vacation. Really, I was quite cranky about it for several days. Then I was just plain lazy for a few days. But I figure, school's started back up now, so I'd better get this done.

Friends, Disneyworld was AWESOME. I get it, not everyone is wild about a Disneyworld vacation, but ours was hands down spectacular. We had a fantastic hotel, lovely, convenient, even mildly futuristic. The monorail ran through our lobby. We were on a meal plan, and we ate ABSURD amounts of delicious food. I mean, really, freaking absurd. At one point, you can see in the photos, we were UNABLE to finish a DESSERT! I'm not sure there is a record of this ever happening before, either for me, or for Nathan. Absurd. But Delicious. We took tours every single day. On a train tour, the guy said that there were three kinds of people who took the train tour: a) train enthusiasts, b) Disney enthusiasts, or c) drag alongs....people who had no particular interest in either, but were with someone who was either a or b. Nathan and I decided we were in fact a new category : Tour Enthusiasts. We like seeing behind the scenes and getting insider information. Getting to all of these tours was demanding, I kid you not. We slept, on average, five hours a night on our vacation. We saw fireworks shows (totally fun to photograph) and a Cirque du Soliel show (which may have been my favorite part of all, if I had to pick a favorite part.) There are just too many cool parts to write them all down. It's time for a picture slide show. Nathan took plenty of video, and in theory, I was going to experiment with iMovie or something and turn it all into a little montage. But who's kidding who, it's taken me two weeks to write a paragraph about my vacation....a montage might be beyond my reach at this point and time.....