Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Blogs + Facebook

I keep pretty close tabs on an online group for local moms, called thebump. I was addicted to theknot, a wedding planning support group, back in 2006, and have found it nice to read and sometimes write to other moms in the area. One of the ladies there has started a bloggers challenge, after a bunch of the moms noticed their blogs had either become a) nothing but photos of their kids, b) nothing about their own lives, but only about their kids, or c) both. I was excited about the prospect. Blogging. Challenges. What could be better?

But then I couldn't decide which blog I would use for such a challenge. I mean, Miles has his blog, and his blog has a much bigger readership than this blog. But who's kidding who? The people following Miles' blog (bless each and every one of them) aren't interested in what I'm thinking. They love that his site is a photo dump (I love that phrase.) They are all about the photos, and that's great. But they don't want to know "why I started blogging." Or "do you like to read?"

The people who read this blog, all three of you, also probably don't need to be enlightened about why I started blogging, or whether or not I like to read, (um, because I like to write and almost everyone I love lives far away, and duh, yeah I like to read.) Plus, this is my blog, and I'm unclear whether the challenges will be baby related or not baby related, but this is my blog, and for the most part, I was going to keep it me-focused. In so much as it would be cool to talk about being a mom and changes in our family, etc, but not to be a play by play of every wonderful thing Miles accomplishes.

As for Facebook, it has a dealie-thinger that lets you automagically import blog posts into the your Facebook notes page. I had mine set up to suck in the meteowriting posts. I liked that for awhile, but I've just disconnected it. I'm friends with too many people on Facebook to really feel comfortable sucking all these posts in there. I write this stuff with an expectation of a readership of three individuals, at most. Clearly, it's the internet, and I'm not recording the deepest and darkest secrets, but still. Once it's on Facebook, a lot of people I kind of know can see it. I think I'll link Miles's (still determining which is more correct "Miles'" or "Miles's" blog to Facebook, because, well, I never get tired of people saying how cute he is.