Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This week, I wish I played the guitar.  I will probably vaguely wish this next week as well, but currently, it's at the front of my brain.  Twice, recently, I've dropped the boys off at school and had the chance to really appreciate how much a little gentle guitar playing can influence their temperaments.  It makes me crave evenings at home, around the fireplace (or decorative gas appliance, as we call it) strumming and having some family sing along time.

A few weeks ago, I was delivering Miles to his classroom, and his teacher, Mr. Gianfranco, was playing guitar for the children.  This is a regular "Gianfranco Morning."  When he's the early teacher, there's almost always some morning singalongs.  On this particular morning, he was practicing a new-to-him song.  I've hunted all over for it, and here's the closest rendition I can find.

I like the illustrations here, and I LOVE having the words (I've been trying to sing the song for a few weeks now) but this one is much perkier than Gianfranco's version.  His was mellow and quiet and just perfect for an early sunny morning in a preschool classroom.

Yesterday, the babies had their weekly jam session.  Miss Linda, who also plays the guitar, visits Noah's class for a half hour every Tuesday to sing for them.  I was arriving a little late, and Miles was still with me when she started.  Miss Linda is usually a big kid teacher, so Miles knows her from their shared play yard.  I told Miles we could stay for ONE song, before we had to go to his classroom.  I was holding Noah on my lap, and he started to bounce a little, in a happy guy way.  Miles, who had been whiny for the last hour, put his head on my other leg, grabbed his chewie and just relaxed in a major, major way.

Blurry photo of relaxed album.

I love that music is such a big part of their school day.  I wish I could magically learn to play the guitar.