Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Can't Do

Today I helped an eighth grade girl with her science project. Sort of. See, she wanted information about how the brain sends messages to muscles, and how those muscles connect to joints to create movement. Insomuch as it would pertain to robotic prosthesis. She already had plenty of "background" information, and was now looking for specifics about neurotransmitters and biotics. "Hm," I said. "I don't know much about those things. You're going to have to help me come up with some keywords." I kept the fact that I have a degree in Biology to myself, as I really don't know much at all about what she might need. I thought mentioning such a degree might lead to expectations beyond my ability. However, I do know my way around a database, and I was able to offer what I thought was a reasonable description of an "axon." And then I showed her how she could go home and do more searching. Eighth grader. With a really jazzy headband.

About an hour later, I was listening to a younger girl practice her reading. She was just at the age where she could read "Are You My Mother?" But she was reading our bilingual version, so she'd read aloud each page, first in English and then in Spanish. Her nanny, and, I'd guess, Spanish tutor, was cheering her on. I was impressed.

I feel like a slacker. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been having problems with my feet lately. Frequently, when I stand up, my ankles don't work so well for the first few steps I take. Once I get warmed up, I'm totally fine, but if I sit again, sometimes even for a short period, my temporary limp returns. As this is only moderately annoying, I let it go on for several months before going to the doctor. I did finally go in yesterday. My doctor's reasonably sure that it's a combination of several things, none of which is too terrible. Lingering pregnancy hormones, mildly bad foot genes, all the walking, and some standing at my job. She gave me several suggestions, all of which are relatively easy to work into my life.

The tough one is to wear shoes. All the time. She wants me to avoid being barefoot as much as possible. I love bare feet. Or bare feet in socks. Wearing shoes around the house seems weird. Not to mention my feet get hot. Still, I said I'd try her remedies for a month and report back.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Recommit

I've been rereading this blog today. I am putting digital photos into albums for ordering real live prints, and scrolling through the blog to help me remember what happened when. Then I just got involved in reading about life three or four years ago. And I like it! Reading about yesteryear is fun. And informative. Which is why, friends, I feel it is important to recommit to this blog. Miles has his blog, and that's important, but sometimes, you just have to write about yourself. Of course, as I type this, irony of ironies, Miles is waking up from a very short nap. As the official Parent On Duty (let's call it the "POD") I have to go get him. But I'm recommitting!