Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Council of Elrond’s Anniversary

No really, if you check your calendar, you’ll see that I’m right. Google Calendar lets you download all sorts of calendars that you can “overlay” on your own. The Tolkien Calendar says that yesterday Boromir arrived in Rivendell and today is the Council of Elrond. It’s also the anniversary of the Big Quake and my high school friend Christine’s 32nd Birthday.

Since the Council of Elrond has come to represnt all things work-related, it seems fitting to muse on work today. It’s hard to avoid musing on the workplace, isn’t it, when that’s where you spend so much of your time (unless you’re retired, in which case you are free to eat your Council Cake, or should I say Lembas in peace) ? I have a second round interview for a job I’m not sure I want. In passing, multiple interviews are sort of a sick joke to those of us who normally wear jeans day to day. Like it wasn’t enough trouble coming up with something to wear the first time around.

Anyhoo, yesterday I realized that if a friend of mine were dating a person who treated them the way my current work place treats me, I would tell them in no uncertain terms to dump the fool. And yet, as in so many great bad relationships, the idea of leaving this library kind of makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide. I hate my job, and I love my job, all mixed together. There is nothing tacked to any of the walls in this office in handwriting I can’t identify. When I look up titles in our on-line catalog, ninety percent of the time I only have to type a few letters, and the autofill takes over. I’ve looked up most books before. Thirteen goodbye cakes. Was it fourteen? I’m the only person who has cracked the code of the filing cabinets…oh, you need a new label for that? Look under F, for “Forms, Masters.” Are there such things as Job Interventions?

Well, gotta go, there is a desk with my name on it. No really, I carved my name into the Circ Desk earlier.

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The only cure for job boredom, and it is the worst kind of boredom, is job change. In 33 years of State service I worked in six different departments, just to keep from going postal. One of us must take the ring out of the library…

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