Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heteo back on West Coast

This is old news now, but it's old news with new pictures. Two Saturdays ago, H was here! And we took pictures!!

Usually when you hang out with Heteo, you have the opportunity to draw a daily Angel Card, from a deck of oh, gosh, lots of cards. The angel card has a word on it that gives you a glimpse of something you might want to think about on that particular day. When H had been here for almost an hour, and we were getting ready to leave, and Nathan still hadn't been offered an Angel Card, he asked what was up. H didn't have them with her, but NEVER FEAR!! You can draw a Virtual Angel Card ONLINE!! H found the page, and then bookmarked it on Nathan's computer. Much to his chagrin. It was great!

I've also recently (since Yosemite) become quite a fan of the reach-out-and-take-a-picture shot, taken with the wide angle lens. Hence:

After the Angel Cards, H and I went over the hill to Santa Cruz. H showed me a new place with great burritos (really great burritos) and we took a walk on West Cliff. It was a bit cold and breezy, and I made the classic blunder (well, the third classic blunder, I didn't get involved in a land war in Asia). I got a sunburn. It didn't feel hot, so I didn't think about sun protection. Argh. Anyways, I've now reformed, and in addition to the daily exercise, and the daily flossing, I'm applying sunscreen daily. I swear I'll be immortal soon. A truck could hit me, and it would just bounce off the flossed teeth, applied sunscreen, and exercised cardiovascular system. I digress.

Anyway, it was great to see Heteo, and walk on West Cliff and stroll down Pacific Garden Mall. Really, we should all live in the same place.


Jim Tschen Emmons said...

"third classic blunder..." SOoo charted!!!


P.S. Could be October for us... hint hint!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jenn! I love this. I have shared it already. I miss you already too.

- hg

jean said...

I very nearly asked: What's the second classic blunder?

Duh. I am behind on my Princess Bride lore. I should be careful. I actually know a few Sicillians.

Awwww...no fair. I want to play!