Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Moment

I'm getting old, I know I am, because December just whizzed by, in an incredible flash. I bought cards at a store this year. I did my shopping mostly about a week before Christmas, and then, only under protest, because I wasn't really convinced Christmas was closing in. I only got those snowflake lights out maybe ten days ago? Craziness.

But about two weeks ago, Nathan and I were at a mall, not to shop mind you, but to see a movie. We came out of the theater, which is on the third floor of one of our many local malls, into a blast of music. Down in the depths of the first floor was a local band (Nathan insists they were all saxophonists, and I disagree, and feel this picture is blurry enough to prove me right) playing carols. Ring Christmas Bells, specifically, one of my favorites. And probably ninety percent of the people in the mall at that moment were gathered around the stairway, leaning over, to listen and to take pictures. We were all eye level with a huge tree coming up through the center of the mall, opposite the escalators. It was inspiring, for certain, and probably the most holiday-ish moment of the season.

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jean said...

Hi!!! I was going to leave a comment to be a brat and cause marital disharmony over the band in the mall (mostly sax players from what I can make out. Maybe a few trumpeters in the bottom right-ish area. Sorry jenn) but then I came over and saw your pretty banner! Pretty!

Oh, I think it's just in your Picasa account. I clicked on the photo of the mall band to get a better look and that's what it directed me to.

I think the best test of aging is to squeeze out a few kids, raise them to adolescence and count the number of times they roll their eyes at our jokes. I still find us hilarious. Do you think our kids will as well? Still a lot of time till we find out.