Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Walk in the Woods

In other news I'm wildly behind on posting, I took a walk recently (okay, recently is a bit generous) with these two folks:

We hiked in the lovely Portola State Park, which is a lovely little drive from my house. We did a good bout of hiking, I think we did six miles that day, through poison oak-ed woodlands and tick infested grasslands. :) This did not hamper our enjoyment in the least !!

Lovely California hillsides:

This picture is a better reflection of my poor timing as a photographer than of N, (though, I think in my archives I have more photos like this one. I'd say it's Ns "speaking French" face, but I don't think that's what was happening here)

After hiking we ate at Alice's Restaurant, which I've always wanted to do. Quite a diverse crowd in there on a Sunday afternoon.

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jean said...

Hey you guys are all wearing blue! Was that on purpose so you'd be able to spot each other in a crowd of california flora and fauna?

Jenn, one of these days M and I are going to make our way up to that area and I really want to take him hiking in Bear Creek or some other lovely environ of your former stompin grounds.