Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parlier Trip

Two weekends ago Nathan and I went to Parlier for something of a Walker Reunion. Dad had a high school reunion, and the rest of us just jumped on board the Reunion Train. It was the hottest first day of summer EVER in Fresno. And we were there.


jean said...

I kept lookin at that guy in the black t-shirt with the glasses thinkin: NIL sure looks young these days. Is it a new haircut? The glasses? The black tee? The Parlier heat? I finally figured out that it's your cousin. Steven and Cindy's (sp?) kid. Ha!

Goodyear said...

I think that is the LAST time I go home in Summer. There was a good reason I moved to the Oregon coast, old dudes don't do well when the temp is over 100. Great shots of the clan dear daughter, thanks to you and NIL for coming.