Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Done with Summer School!

So, next summer, when I say I'm thinking of taking two classes, will you all remind me how insane that is? I mean, you know I like to, sometimes, make the same mistake repeatedly, just to see if I get different results. But I'll write it down here, just so that you have some evidence. Two classes + ten weeks + 40 hour work week = too much work. It's not worth it. Not even with the "it's only ten weeks" mentality. Why drive yourself crazy? I ask you. And I ask myself, of about a year from now, when I contemplate doing that all over again.

It was a kinda cool quarter though, now that I've got my hindsight glasses on. I've been fairly lucky so far, with library school. Some wise folks I know, who've gone to library school, have found the place to be riddled with jokesters, and really, really lame assignments. So far (fingers crossed and wood knocked) my group mates have been a mix of tolerable folks and an occasional Potential Race That Knows Joseph-er. And the work has been downright (here it comes, Dad) interesting. Even, fairly often, relevant. My main complaint has been time related, not having enough time to get stuff done without stressing.

But I learned some cool stuff this summer. In fact, I've complied a list! Bring on the bullet points!
  • I wrote a marketing plan for a Tween and Teen Summer reading program
  • I created an e-portfolio
  • I learned about Facebook, and discovered many of you hang out there too
  • I learned a whole lot about internet filtering
  • I did a lot of research on services, collections and programming for Tweens
  • and a whole bunch of other stuff that was pretty okay, but not worthy of it's own bullet point.
So while on my "I only have to go to work! vacation" I'm going to recommit to blogging. My poor blog is sad I'm not hanging out here more. And I miss "talking" to you blog folks. And you know what they say about things going around and coming around. Reading about what other folks were doing kept me motivated over the summer, and I want y'all to keep blogging. Or to start (ahem.)

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