Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Sarah Palin theory

Now, I generally have pretty good experiences with Sarahs whose names end in "h." I'm just not sure that this one is a good choice for a potential world leader. I know other Sarahs with H's that I'd happily vote for as our president, you know who I mean. I have decided, however, that this Sarah's VP nomination is a good sign.

And here's why:

I think it's a sign that the Republicans have given up this fight. I think they're saying (in some office we've all seen on "The West Wing,") "We're not winning this one. But we don't want anyone else to go down with the ship. Who can we send in there that we won't miss the next time around? Who've we got to spare?" Where else would you go looking for someone expendable than the Governor's mansion in Alaska? They can't save McCain at this point, he's too far in, but they don't want to send any of their other power players into this game. They know they're going to have to sit back and wait out at least another eight years, and all they have to do now is pretend they're serious about Palin.

I mean, they can't *seriously* believe that many people will take her as a fair trade for Hillary. They just can't. I mean, I disagree with them about a lot of things, but I don't think many of them are seriously that stupid.

So be of good heart!! Palin is the equivalent of a white flag. But let's all vote anyway, okay?


jean said...

I hadn't considered the white flag theory. I was actually foolish enough to take this seriously and get all riled up about it. My fear is that her christian conservatism will inspire women christian conservatives (and their ilk) to storm the White House in the name of their leader Jesus Christ. They did it for Bush (twice) here they have the perfect mascot for whom they can do it again.

And I am sad to report that I have heard folks on the street (In California, no less. In Los Angeles, no less) say things like: I'm so mad that Hillary didn't win the primaries, I am going to vote for McCain just to piss Barack off. And the fact that McCain has a woman VP candidate on his ticket seems to justify their voting preference further. But I guess I give folks too much credit thinking they are going to vote for a candidate based on more substantive issues.

Goodyear said...

You mean she is the "nameless ensign" who always ended up dead?

jean said...

Dad, you are too funny!

Ah "nameless ensign"... if it were only so.

meteowrite said...

Yes, that's it exactly. She's not coming back from the Away Mission.