Friday, October 31, 2008

Library Fairies

No, really, I didn't forget I had a blog, exactly. I didn't.

See, here are pictures of the Halloween Splendour in the library:

The Rock and Roll Fairy and The Coffee Fairy.

The Argyle Fairy and The Cowgirl Fairy.

The Reluctant Fairy and two Circ Fairies, The Horseback Riding Fairy and The Neon Fairy (her wings are made of bubble wrap, for extra lift.)

Group shot!! That's (back row L-R) the Director Fairy, the Classy Fairy, the Neon Fairy, the Cowgirl Fairy, the Tennis Fairy, the Halloween Fairy (I have no idea what was so funny!!) Front row (L-R) half of the Reluctant Fairy, the Rock and Roll Fairy, the Hairy Fairy, and a small horse or giraffe.

Town Employees, some fairies, others not so much. I'm not totally slouching, I'm trying to bend my knees so my wings don't cover the people behind me. This is why tall people always stand in the back for group photos.

When I get ahold of a shot that has all our wings from the back (the pretty side) I'll add that. Happy Halloween, all!!

Rats, I took all the links out by mistake. I'm feeling lazy. If you want to see more details, check them out

And for the backstory on the wingmaking, check out this informative post.

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