Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been having problems with my feet lately. Frequently, when I stand up, my ankles don't work so well for the first few steps I take. Once I get warmed up, I'm totally fine, but if I sit again, sometimes even for a short period, my temporary limp returns. As this is only moderately annoying, I let it go on for several months before going to the doctor. I did finally go in yesterday. My doctor's reasonably sure that it's a combination of several things, none of which is too terrible. Lingering pregnancy hormones, mildly bad foot genes, all the walking, and some standing at my job. She gave me several suggestions, all of which are relatively easy to work into my life.

The tough one is to wear shoes. All the time. She wants me to avoid being barefoot as much as possible. I love bare feet. Or bare feet in socks. Wearing shoes around the house seems weird. Not to mention my feet get hot. Still, I said I'd try her remedies for a month and report back.

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