Monday, December 11, 2006

Hark the Horn of Gondor Rings

Really, this is one of those “picture is worth 1000 words” times, but the cameras aren’t exactly unpacked yet. So until they are, you’ll have to bear with my description.

The bookshelves in the living room sat empty for a few days, just where the movers left them, until I got around to some boxes of books. Of *course* I started the library with the Tolkien collection, boxes LOTR1 and LOTR2. And that’s as far as I got for a few days. Just your random Elvish texts and the movies, and of course, the happy meal toy I got on the way home from my very first trip to see FOTR, Boromir and his horn. When you push a button, he says “You carry the fate of us all little one,” (hey, there are layers to what I’m about to write that I didn’t even see till I typed that.)

Last weekend, Nathan’s mom Cheryl visited with a burst of enthusiasm for unpacking, and several housewarming gifts. She filled the rest of the bookshelves for us, and set up the Nativity Set she brought us. Right there on the Tolkien Shelf, next to Boromir. So now, we have Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, some Wise Men, and HARK! Boromir of Gondor, obviously sidetracked on his way to Rivendell. It’s quite simply, perfect.

AHA! Thanks to the sharp shooting of LLCoolberg, we do indeed now have a picture.

Thanks Cheryl and Lisa!

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Jenn, I must confess. At first gander, I could not pick out which of these icons is not like the others…one of the icons is doing its own thing… as the song goes. Is Cheryl up to speed on her happy meal toys? Or did she assume that Boromir was a wayward shephard in search of a manger posse to hang out with?

jean said this on January 23rd, 2007 at 4:31 pm