Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Mystery Garden

This is one little corner of the garden at our new place. Paperwhites, I think they are, which kind of reminds me of Barrow-wights, but that’s way less appealing. The flowers smell divine! They are the first thing to pop their heads up. I took this photo about a week ago, now this plant has a friend, just on the other side of that batch of lavendar you see behind the paperwhites.

It’s such a thrill, this mystery garden of ours. I have no idea what’s out there. Well, I have some ideas. The former tenants, or someone, was a fair friend of agapanthas. Those are springing up all over the place. And there is a promising collection of jasmine lining one of our fences. But what other things will come peeking out of the ground as the spring goes on, who knows? I want to get out there and poke around, but it’s not really time yet. I don’t want to disturb something that might turn out to be amazing. I think, in one of the raised beds out back, I’ll plant things that would be good for cutting. I might have gorgous flower arrangements all summer long! Well, one step at a time. Right now I just wander out there in the mornings when I work late, and smell the paperwhites.

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