Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Cool Job

From Library Stuff
Something you may or may not know about me, is that I have a real fondness for travel guidebooks. I like to read them before I travel, I like to take them with me while I travel, I like to admire them on my shelf after I travel. Heck, sometimes I imagine purchasing travel guides for places I don't actually have a real interest in visiting. I like the idea of a place in a book. Usually there are pretty pictures. It's really the BEST things about a place in a book.

Of course, at home, I don't indulge in this obsession, except when I'm actually going somewhere specific. But at WORK, it's actually my job to tend to the travel section. Last week, I found a steal on the Lonely Planet website, and went crazy. I tried to fill all the holes in our collection. Do you see that Ukraine book in there? Greenland and the Arctic (visit now while you can!) Dubai? That's right, I ordered a book about Dubai. Trekking in East Africa? I've got you covered.

I get to spend my time today playing with my new books. I'm going to enter them into our circ system, then update them to "received," and then, I'm going to feature them in our blog.

And here are two pictures of my desk area, that I threw in because I was taking pictures.

Jean, that's my postit note board for things I need to read, watch and listen to.


jean said...

That IS a cool part of your job! I didn't realize that you enjoyed travel books so much. Is that how you developed an interest in Boise? By any chance?

I'm touched that you are using my A-Quad Dorm org system of post-it notes. It served me well back in the day. My current system of organization is almost complete dependency on my Outlook Calendar. The week my email went down at work, I was a lost lost soul.

But that's for work related stuff. My to-read, -watch and -hear list is scattered throughout my visual journal. Only if I remember to jot it down, that is.

Goodyear said...

Is that a built-in calculator in your mousepad???How cool is that!! I want one, I want least for the machine in my room. I can see that perhaps Ms. Joy might not see it as essential as I do....sigh. I should have thought of you when we last cleaned out the "travel"section up here at Sunset Cottege. Trouble is that there few things as out of date as an old travel book. Except for the notes, of course.

meteowrite said...

Indeed,Dad that IS a mousepad with a calculator. It was free stuff sent to us by a vendor, and I needed a calculator. It's not the best calculator in the world, the buttons are too small for those of us who spent a summer learning ten-key by typing in credit card numbers all the live long day, but you can't beat the convenience.

Other cool things to find in and around the desk...
* an Indigo Girls coaster
* the One Ring, with note from Gandalf
* Baby Brien
* a package of Strawberry Shortcake strawberry seeds.

meteowrite said...

OH! and I have the "Y" from the old wooden "Interlibrary Loan" sign. It fell off when we moved, and I really like it. When I had it over my desk in ILL, it posed the question "Y?" all day long.