Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Weekend's Exploits

Last weekend, Veteran's day weekend, which could be considered two weekends ago now, depending on how you count it....Nathan and I had the good fortune to host BOTH Jean AND Heteo for a whole evening. Then H traveled on to see other teos, and Jean braved the trek to Pacific Grove to visit the Who-Whos. H and J experienced the daily Laredo Hike, though sadly, they didn't really get to see our totem dog, Barkie. AND, Jean watched both the Fellowship of the Rings AND the Two Towers, which, as you can tell, excites me to extensive use of capital letters.

A delightful weekend all around, though perhaps under photographed, and I am STOKED we'll be doing it all again in just a few weeks, in the East Farthing.

Enjoy the pics of our kitchen, with Jean knitting, Nathan reading about making ice cream, Heteo arriving, and the bunnies doing what they do best. The second link is for the Pacific Grove pics, which I stored in a separate album. Somehow, two slide shows running at the same time seeemed almost dangerous. :)

From Who Whos, 2007

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