Saturday, November 10, 2007

Semi-Homecooked Meal

Last week a co-worker and I took our lunch hours together and went to a place called Just Dinners. You may have heard of these sorts of places...the gist is, you go there, you select some dinner items, they have all the ingredients set out and prepared, you throw the food together, then take it home, and cook it in your own oven. That's the boring definition. Here's the truth: It's like being on your OWN COOKING SHOW!! It's fantastic!!! You look at a recipe, and it says something like "Add two cups of chopped pears." You look around your workstation and AHA!! A whole container of beautifully sliced and diced pears!! AND! You don't have to do the dishes!! I know, I know, purists might not call this "cooking." In fact, Heidi and I were rather conscientious about referring to it as "assembling." But, it was SO MUCH FUN! And! Nathan and I have been enjoying "home cooked meals" all week. I LOVE coming home and heating something dazzling, and then serving it as though I had worked really hard. We're definitely going to do this again.


Jim Tschen Emmons said...

JENN! We have a similar thing here. Some pals have used it, and we sampled the grub, and you know, not too shabby. We keep talking about doing it ourselves--our schedules are not exactly conducive to home-cooking, and yet, it is the best way to eat. How long did you all work on the "assembling?"


Goodyear said...

Maybe you and Nathan could open some sort of branch here in Yachats....I could help, maybe be the chief taster????

jean said...

Was Saturday night one of those meals? Cause that was mighty tasty! I'll have to check my local listings to see if something like that exists around my neck of the woods.

meteowrite said...

We "assembled" for just about an hour. When next we assemble, I'm going to make servings for four people, so NIL and I can eat each dish twice. Value Added, if you see what I mean.

And Jean, no, sadly, you got just a sampling of the four dishes I actually cook on my own. :)