Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Day

It's my first day of school! My first "first day" since 1992. Wow! I'm getting to be such a grown up kid. :)

So far, I have nothing interesting to report. I have "introduced" myself in both classes, and I have some reading I need to do. Who didn't see that coming.


Jim Tschen Emmons said...

JENN!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, and, condolences. Just remember the sage words of Teamleader--"Aim for the door." It got me through with far less psychological damage than I would have had otherwise. SO, what classes have you enjoyed so far?

meteowrite said...

I'm enrolled in 2 classes, one about library management, and one about databases. Both required courses. It's weird, studying something theoretically, when you know how to do it, practically. For instance, I was reading about databases, and how people use them to find information (did you know that?) and it had sentences like "The Information Retrieval process begins when the user senses a lack of information." True, I'm sure, but I've never once had someone walk up to the reference desk and say "I sensed a lack of information...." Though it did remind me of the guy who wrote "I seek microfilm...?