Saturday, February 16, 2008


My goal this spring (or one of my many goals) is to fix up what I call "The Front Garden." There is a half circle of a garden bed at the front of our driveway that, well, is sad looking. I left it alone last year, to see what happened out there. And not much happened. So I'm going to tackle it this year. I'm thinking all drought-tolerant plants. But that's getting way ahead of myself. I'm posting these "before" pictures to keep myself motivated. "Before" shots usually imply there'll be "after" shots sooner or later.

Yeah, I still have my snowflakes up. It's true. My tree IS down though.

There is certainly plenty of potential here.

There was a mighty battle in my yard at one point. I've dug up platoons of army guys. And one VW Bug.

I'm not sure who's soccer ball that is.

These pictures are a week or two old now, so there has already been some small progress. I've already done a bit of my rototiller routine. I had to work in sections, since, well, hoeing is hard work. But the dirt looks better already. Hopefully in a month or two, there'll be a substantial change.

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Goodyear said...

Save me the army guys, if they haven't been recycled already...major nostalgia trip, plus I have a set of rules........