Saturday, February 16, 2008


See, my friend Heather (I call her Heatherly, but many of you know her as Heteo the First, to distinguish her from the Heteo we usually call Heteo, but really, Heatherly was the first one to call herself Heteo, we just ran with it afterward....) well, she's shaving her head. Not just for fun. Nope. She's shaving her head for a good cause, to raise money for kids with cancer. And that's just downright gutsy, and inspiring! And not long ago, my friend Gina, in celebration of her 30th birthday, cut 13 inches off her hair, and donated it to LocksofLove. This organization makes hairpieces for kids with cancer, out of donated ponytails.

So, since I'm not quite brave enough to shave my head, but I was still majorly inspired, I went the LocksofLove route myself. I'm now the proud owner of a head of hair shorter than I think it's been since I was about six. And I'm super-stoked about doing a little something for someone else.

Check out the pictures:

The lady who cut my hair was laboring under the misapprehension that I actually like to spend time styling my hair. She gave me this do, and then told me how easy it would be to either blowdry it in the morning using a round bristled brush, doing sections at a time, from roots to tip, straightening, yet gently curling....OR, if I wanted something easier, I could just blowdry it regular, and use a FLATIRON on it. Heh. She totally doesn't get me. So, tomorrow I'll find out what it looks like when I wash it, dry my bangs, and let the rest airdry. :)


jean said...

oh my goodness! you look Awesome! so chic! and what a wonderful organization to support!!

I was just thinking the other day of greta who would always try to convince you and me to adopt hairstyles opposite what we came in for. I'd sit in the chair and request a 6" trim to my above the shoulder haircut and she'd say: How bout we grow it out?

While you'd go in for a light trim to your past the shoulder hair and she'd say: So... how about short?

Ahh... greta, I wish her well.

Goodyear said...

I am, of course, devestated, you being the last long-haired female I knew. Huge male-type sigh. But it is wonderful cause, and many kudos to you.

Jim Tschen Emmons said...

The new do looks great Jenn! Good cause too. Kudos to you and "Heatherly" (I'll stick with "Heteo," the other is too hard to say ;-) for your gift to a good cause!!!