Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In case... haven't wandered over there in awhile.... is gearing up for The Hobbit. I don't check it hourly as I did in the glory days of The Trilogy (and I use Google Reader now, so I get the feed) and a lot of the stuff over there currently, even I scroll through.

But this is news like that of the Elder Days, and worth reading. Lots of Hobbit info and tidbits.

And while you're there, I'd also recommend this thoughtful entry, entitled (bless them) "The Dragon Problem." It goes on at great length about how Smaug is really THE dragon, the archetype, and how that will be tricky for PJ et al. Interesting, to me, was that they also mentioned the dragon from the animated Sleeping Beauty, which, for me has ALWAYS been the scariest thing going. Smaug, bless him, at least seemed to have some sense of humor for all his nastiness.


Goodyear said...

And can we all name the other three dragons of Tolkien lore, oh my best beloved?? There was the great Cold-Drake, the first (wingless) fire breather, also called Father of Dragons, arguably the nastiest creature ever created by JRRT, and the greatest of all, the first flying fire breather. A place on the chart for any who can name all three.

meteowrite said...

Well, let's see, there was Glaurung was the first of the Dragons, and some would say the greatest. And Ancalagon, the "mightiest" of the winged dragons. And Scatha the Worm, the cold-drake who was slain by Fram of the Éothéod.

Sadly, I deserve no dork credits for this. I only did what librarians do, and turned to the greatest of all Tolkien resources, the Encyclopedia of Arda. It does, however, remind me how much of the Tolkien-scape there is still for me to explore! I must read MORE!!