Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Semester -- FINISHED!!

That's right folks. One semester of Library School down, and, well, I don't know how many more to go. I finished on Saturday in a blaze of glorious paper writing. Eight straight hours of prose about testing databases. Which is really quite amazing given how little I actually know about testing databases. Just goes to show, that really, you don't have to know much about something to write a paper about it.

I'm school-free for three splendid weeks! Nathan and I are ditching reality completely, and heading to Florida for six days at Disneyworld. I'm super stoked. I've never been to Florida. Though I said this to someone a few days ago, and they said "It's not like you'll have been to Florida after a trip to Disneyworld." Which seems a fair point.

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Jim Tschen Emmons said...

Congrats Jenn! You're that much closer to the door--keep aiming! Enjoy FLA--Disney's complex there is HUGE so be sure to bring your Baedeker ;-)

Have fun!