Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walkaversary, II

Last Sunday Nathan and I celebrated the two year anniversary of the day we decided to exercise every day. Most days we walk, but there were a few days when we rode our bikes. Though in reviewing the second year of our exercise commitment, we're pretty sure that this last year was all walking. For most of the year we walked for one hour a day, covering about 3.2 miles. We were able to track our progress more precisely once Nathan acquired the Nike shoe gadget that talks to the iPod Touch. Now we know exactly how far we've gone, how fast we went, and how many calories we've burned every day. We also know exactly how far Nathan has walked in this particular pair of shoes, and it's something like 700 miles now. Also, every once in awhile, a big sports star will congratulate us on our progress, at the end of our workout. Of course, frequently, we don't know who these athletes are, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate their congratulations. Lance Armstrong, for instance (him we know, he went to Nathan's high school a few years before NIL did, did you know that?) congratulated us on our first 500 miles, or something like that. Which was rather kind of him.

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