Monday, July 20, 2009

Visit with the Girls

I had an awesome birthday weekend! Grandma Susan hung out with Miles so Nathan and I could watch Harry Potter. Great movie, and lots of fun to be out on a date with my husband at 10 a.m. on a Friday. On Saturday, dad and Miles had a guys night in, while I had a Girls Night Out, with The Girls, namely Amy and Emily, at the Mountain Winery, which is officially my favorite place to go to a concert. Sure, there are plenty of reasons one might not be excited about turning 35, but I do like going to concerts "grown up style." No standing up for hours straining to see the stage over the heads of other concert goers who are determined to spill beer on you. We had glorious sixth row seats, under clear skies and redwood trees. Fantastic!

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jean said...

That IS a beautiful concert venue. The girls look great (all of them)! And those are lovely photos of Amy+Emily on the stage. Pas mal, jenn!