Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Next Generation

Wow, what a deceptive subject line. My first thought was "Oh, some people are going to think that's about Star Trek." Then, several moments later, I remembered the all important connotation those words could have coming from a fairly-recently-married person. Nope, not that one either. My apologies for the double psych out.

I was at the Circ Desk today, checking out books for a mom who was there with her daughter. Little girl was maybe two, at the oldest, sporting those baby fine pigtails in blonde. She started to wander off, and mom called after her, "Eowyn, come wait here with me please!"



Goodyear said...

Now we're talking, baby namers of this generation! It is good to reflect that I tried very hard to name you Galadrial, but your Mom wasn't buying it....You could have been a leader in this trend. Of course, she didn't but Goodyear either. I should have held out, but life was probably easier for you in your younger days.

Jim Tschen Emmons said...

I think I have a fair shot at fun names should Lai and I have a girl next--no, no news, sorry ;-) Eowyn--great name. Goodyear! Galadrial would have been wonderful too.