Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Week of Walks

Nathan and I have embarked on a new fitness routine. We're walking daily for an hour. Nathan felt it was particularly important that we walk at the same time, every day, without variation. The only window in our shared schedules that can be relied upon every day is 5:45 am. That's right. A.M. We're done with our hour walk before 7 a.m. We started a week ago yesterday.

And you know what?

So far it's not that bad.

I mean, it's early. Sure. And it seems even earlier on days when I would normally sleep in until 8 or even 9. When I originally started to well, I guess "whine" is the right word, about this, Nathan suggested we try it for a month and then make adjustments if necessary. That was so reasonable, I couldn't exactly refuse, now could I? But it's not that bad, AND, it means that by 7 AM, I've already exercised!! I'm off the hook for the rest of the day. Sure, I'll get more walking in, and I might stretch or something, but I've already gotten over the biggest hurdle. (We're not actually hurdling, though occasionally we are motivated enough to scurry up the hill by our house, just to get the climbing over as quickly as possible. Gina taught me that trick.)

We're off to Yosemite in a few weeks, and we're excited to imagine starting the trail to Vernal Falls at quarter to six. I bet we have the place to ourselves!


jean said...

Ooh, that's ambitious! Unfortunately for me, the only common time to work out for the two of us is at 9pm. I'd much prefer to try it out early in the day as opposed to late at night. But dredgin up the motivation to exercise is tough enough without the added challenge of an early (solo) rising. Kudos to you both!

Jim Tschen Emmons said...

5:45am. I don't know whether to shudder or express how Homeric such a feat is. I'm stumped!

Goodyear said...

Well the new puppy allows me to sleep in late, at least 6:30 or so. But then it is walk time. He is getting to know when he is going away from the house, and when he is returning. Which is more than I can usually say for myself at that hour, I had really gotten used to a retired non-schedule.