Friday, May 25, 2007

Temporarily Unisex

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have quite a few signs in the library. We have piles of simple signs at the ready for when things break. Yesterday, I was at the circ desk joking with the other circ desk worker as we flipped through the piles of signs trying to find the ones that accurately represented the state of disrepair of the computers.
"Internet Unavailable" -- no
"Out of Order, use machine in children's room" -- no
"All library computers are down" -- ah yes, this is the pile we need

Today all the computers are festooned with these signs. It's no use people, all these computers are broken. The person working the ref desk just came in to report that a patron walked up to one of the two dozen computers with signs taped to their screens, and flipped the sign over. She sat down, and attempted to use the computer. When it didn't work, she asked why not.

The Ref Desk worker waved her arm at all the signs. "The computers are down," she said, "that's why they all have signs that say they are not working."

The patron said "This one had a sign that said 'Temporarily Unisex.'"

Several things to love here.
1) We actually have a sign that says "Temporarily Unisex," for when one restroom breaks. Then boys and girls share the one remaining restroom.
2) In a sea of broken computers, the patron thought one was working.
3) She wasn't put off by the unisex sign. As though, on other days, we have some computers for males, and others for females.
4) And of course, she seemed surprised when the computer didn't work.

I heart patrons. No really. They are entertaining.


jean said...

I must say
that I love this story.

Jim Tschen Emmons said...

I wish you could hear the laughter--even our sleeping baby seemed to feel the joy!!! Oh Jenn, this, _THIS_ is what makes working in libraries such a pleasure (when working there is not a drag, I mean). What intrigues me is that this person saw "unisex" and went with it, that they didn't pause--that is either a real out-of-the-boxer or someone you need to watch. Amazing.

"I heart patrons." Funny. Jenn, you're funny. Hmm, maybe that could be one of our signs here too.