Saturday, May 26, 2007

One MONTH of Walking

Well, friends, we're past the one month walk. One month of getting up at 5:45 am and walking for an hour. We've made some new friends. There's the guy with the chocolate lab; he's got one of those handle thingies that pick tennis balls off the ground and throw them without slobbery hands. There's the guy with the black poofy dog. There's another guy who walks three dogs at one time. We know several newspaper delivery guys. And one lady who uses us as a benchmark -- she's extra proud of herself if she's coming down the big hill while we are headed up, as most days it's the other way around.

We've seen some critters, too! Most mornings we see two or three bunnies. One Sunday we saw three raccoons, finishing up their night. There is a hawk of some kind that sits on a power pole near the top of the big hill. And the same Sunday we saw the raccoons we saw what was either a VERY large house cat, or a little bobcat. It ducked into some bushes before we were certain.

So we're off tomorrow to try our practiced legs in the hills of Yosemite. Nevada Falls, here we come!!

1 comment:

jean said...

Very impressive, my friends!

I guess I don't have such a good idea of where you two live. Is there so much wildlife in that area? Perhaps you are close to foothills.

Have fun storming Yosemite!!

(Golly, has it already been a year since the last time I saw you? Much too much time!)