Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Apartment Eye Candy

So, the Portland Plan has potentially been delayed for a bit (in strange coincidence with the Boston Plan, if you follow Cafe Jean.) Nathan is suddenly swimming in potential job offers, each at companies that are well-known, seemingly fun to work at, and downright cool. We’re thinking of hanging around here for a bit longer. Who knows.

Staying here, however, doesn’t necessarily mean denying ourselves some of the luxuries we hoped to find at a new place in Portland. A cat. In home laundry. A place to store our bikes that ISN’T the dining room. These sorts of niceities. So we’re beginning to poke around and see if we can find a new place to set up camp. Maybe a townhome kind of place, maybe a house to rent. Did you know you can make and share spreadsheets on Google? I mention it only because I discovered this yesterday when I was trying to send Nathan my “How we should choose a new apartment Matrix.”

Anyhow, we’re trying to decide which combination of features is most important to us, and have developed a point system that we are still fine tuning. For example, any apartment or home that will allow cats is a +10. Each additional bedroom over two is +3 points (interesting, but not as critical as the cat criteria.) Washer and dryer hook ups, +8. I’m still stuck trying to apply a value to “prettyiness.” I have an appointment tomorrow to visit some townhome-y kind of places, that have cherry cabinets and granite slab countertops and the like. How many points for apartment eye candy?

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  1. Interesting that WD hookups rank lower than pet friendly. And not that you two are packrats or anything, but you do like your stuff. And some of it big stuff, but extra storage space ranks well below WD hookups. If someone were reading into this incorrectly, they may picture your new place as a cat haven with piles of laundry to do (maybe arfully hanging from bike handlebars? that are stored somewhere that isn’t the dining room)… I’d like to take some side bets on where aesthetics will rank on the L***** New Apartment Matrix. Who wants to set the over/under?

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