Monday, August 21, 2006

Working Late

Today’s the first day of my new 4 ten hour day work week. I’m here tonight until 8 pm. Which is pretty bizarre. The best part is the quiet. I’ve finished several of those little nagging projects that I didn’t get to last week. I’ve cleaned up our database. When else do you get around to database clean up, except when you are the only person in the office. I’ve prepared for tomorrow, getting ahead. I still have one hour left to the work day.

I also like being in the library when I’m one of the only people here just for the sheer coolness of it. It’s just me and thousands of books. Same thing on the mornings when I open the library. Those doors wouldn’t get unlocked if I didn’t walk around and open them, early, early in the morning. It’s a side of the library not everyone gets to see, I guess that’s what I like about it.

However, since the undeniable fact is that it’s after seven and I’m not home yet, in fact I won’t be home for another two hours, I’ve been working on the list of stuff I’m going to get done on Wednesday. See, that’s what all this working late is about…taking Wednesday off.

I’m plan on:

  • sweeping the deck, pruning the plants, giving them a good watering
  • going to the bank, maybe walking, to change my name on my account there
  • finishing the Thank You notes!!! (no really, I am)
  • working on (finishing?) the wedding photo album
  • perhaps, if this isn’t too crazy, going for a nice bike ride.
  • oh, and laundry.

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