Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crafty friends and family

Lately I’ve been the lucky recipient of several crafty gifts, all of which I’d like to showcase here. If you are the crafter who made the gift below, and you would like a larger picture than these, click on the photo for a bigger version. I’ll email you a gigantic version if that would be better. Thanks all!

First, a lovely plate that was a wedding gift. A Joy Baldwin original:

From blogstuff

Next, a quilt, made by Vicki Davis, in honor of our wedding:

From blog stuff

And then, lovely socks, made by Jean Kenny:

modelled by me:

From blog stuff

in their original packaging:

 socks 2

and modelled by the bunnies, Macaroni going for a traditional sock look, and Disco Stu going for a more scarf-esqe approach:

From blog stuff

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