Friday, August 11, 2006

Libstaff Officiality

You know something’s real when you’re ready to send out an email to everyone you work with about the item who’s reality is being confirmed. How’s that for a sentence. Today I emailed the reflector that goes to everyone in the whole entire library and told them I was changing my name. I wrote “I’m changing my name from Jenn OldName to Jenn NewName. My email will stay the same. Look for me on the other side of the phone list.” One of my work friends who knows enough about my life to know that I got married likes how up in the air I left it. Leave ‘em guessing. So today I’ve been answering the question “Hey, did you get married?!!?!?!?!?” Quite a lot.

I’ve also heard a few good stories…when people find out you got married, sometimes they tell you good stories about their own weddings. One guy was telling me that he and his wife decided to get married rather suddenly, in fact, they were both at work and decided to get married on their way home. They called a friend (another library worker) who just happened to be ordained to marry people and said “Hey, are you busy tonight? If you’ll marry us after work, we’ll give you a ride home.”

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