Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear (insert your name here),

Dear Blog, Friendteos, Family, and even myself....

I miss you, we should hang out more.  I wrote this in pretty much every holiday card I sent this year.   So this year I'm going to be better about connecting with friends.  Friends who live less than an hour away, friends who live in this state, friends who require plane tickets, and friends like this blog, who live right on my desktop.  I'm not saying I haven't been spending my time wisely, I'm pretty proud of what I've been doing, but I'm going to work on a little balance.

I didn't send my blog a holiday card, but I do miss this space.  Heh.  I miss talking about ME.  A few nights ago, I popped into this blog to see when I last wrote, and discovered I hadn't posted a darn thing in a year.  So I changed the template to something girly, sure that having a pink and floofy space would entice me to hang out here, virtually, more often.  There are so few pink and floofy spaces left in my life at this point.

And then today, I learned that H is disappearing from internet land.  She's separating herself from email, facebook, her cell phone, and pretty much every tool I use to keep in touch with her.  Letters.  She can get letters.  I used to write letters.  I used to write a LOT of letters.   I know this, because I've been sorting through them (more on this later.)  I could write to H here, and print and send them like letters.   And Jean, well, Jean needs something to read in the middle of the night, when she's up feeding Jack.  So, I can blog for me, and for Jean, and for H, who will get this in letter format.

So, 2012, the twenty year anniversary of meeting Jean, H and the other teos, I'm going to re-develop some aspects of my 1992 lifestyle.  The keeping in touch with people habits....not the eating ice milk after every meal habits.

Jenn (remember me?)

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jean said...

I endorse this resolution! Long live pink and floofy spaces!!