Friday, January 6, 2012

My New Desk

We're about to open a new library building, at my library.  We're closing up on January 16th, and we have our Grand Opening Celebrations on February 11th.  It's all very exciting.  And incredibly, freaking, downright, CRAZY.  Every one of my coworkers is freaking out on one level or another.  Some of them are freaking out on all levels.  And not entirely without cause.  We haven't been able to really work in our new building much, and our movers arrive to transport our collections in ten days.  Yesterday, for instance, I discovered that the magazine collection I tend doesn't, you know, FIT, so much, on the new, undeniably beautiful, new shelves that were planned for them.  They don't fit in a variety of ways.  The shelves are too small for the magazines and there are nowhere near enough shelves to house the number of magazines we receive.  This is disturbing certainly, and a bit of a challenge, and something I'm sure we'll figure out in the next few days.  Just a little unforeseen blip.  I found two or three such blips yesterday.

And so did my coworkers.  All over the place.  Everyone, in every little corner of the new building is experiencing some growing pains.  Which is to be expected.  It's like when you move into a new house, and you realize there is no full length hanging space in your master closet.  Who hasn't been there before?  Eventually, you make your peace with hanging your wedding dress in the guest closet.  Still, everyone is FREAKING OUT.

My favorite way to combat the craziness?  I like to plan my new desk.  I have a lovely new desk.  It has several great features, such as being near a window and close to Heidi, allowing us to plan stuff without getting up from our chairs.  But most of all, it's SO PRETTY.

Here's my desk now:

My kingdom, under the air vent that blows freezing air all day.

Very busy.  Lots of happy crap.

Yep, lots to look at.

Here's my NEW desk (a week or two ago...):

Luckily these chairs have been moved...otherwise it would have been 
pretty crowded.  The walls are a nice buttery yellow color, and my
computer screen will go on that arm thingy there.

My second table!  And shelves!!  Also note, I'm not wedged into the middle
of a bunch of shared workspaces, where other people will need to reach
over my head several times a day to accomplish a task!  Such luxury.

My plan is to keep things very simple and clean and tidy.  Not nearly as much happy crap this time around.  Much of that will go in my ephemera collection to be scanned.  But the things that are out and visible, oohhh, those will all be pretty.  Much like this blog, I'm going GIRLY with my desk.  No trucks or dinosaurs.  Flowers and dainty shapes.  I can't WAIT to get in there.  

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