Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I want to try next Christmas

I was getting caught up on my feed reader after the holidays and found all these cute ideas I wanted to remember for our next holiday season. am I going to remember to come back and check the list on this post?

  1. I want to make cookies with the boys and maybe even put a little tree in Miles' room, like this mom did.
  2. Definitely excited about the wrapping Christmas books and having a special "holiday book time" each night...we don't have 24 Christmas books yet, so it's a tradition we could grow over a few years...
  3. I already started packing the boys Christmas shirts in with the Christmas decorations.   I ran across several cute shirts Miles had last year just a few days ago...grrr.   Not a total loss, as Noah can still wear them next year, but I'm sad Miles missed the chance to wear them in 2011.
  4. Email from Santa!!  Awesome.  I'm not sure Miles will be quite old enough for this next year, maybe this is a 2013 thing.
  5. And wow, have I enjoyed looking at various December Daily albums....I'd go with a digital version, if I tried it...

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